Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All I Want...

Is a place. a beautiful, completely silent place where i can just sit and meditate, and not worry about time or material things. just to be. i asked my mom, because i am still simply sixteen, to paint my room a nice, pale blue. even if i paid for it, for the paint and the rollers and did it all by myself. she refuses, because i will move out in two years. but my older brother, for whom we built an entire room for and is a sophomore in college, keeps his room because he visits home. am i no longer allowed to visit home while i'm in college? i want a place to be. is that really too much to ask? to beautify a room that i can visit in my later years and still remember it as the place where i have grown? it seems this world is too focused on material things. yes, i do not NEED the blue room, but does my mom NEED the white one? do i really need a room at all? oh to lay under the stars on a warm summer night may be all i truly need, but when one lives where i do, there is rarely a warm night at hand. I know this post isn't like my other ones, but i just need a place to write. No one will read this, but that does not matter to me. writing opens my mind to different possibilities of my life, of things i can do but i do not realize. writing is a window to the mind, but meditating is a window to the soul.

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  1. I read it :)