Monday, May 2, 2011

1st post/concert..

I know a lot of people who, when I told them I was starting a blog, instantly thought that it would completely self centered and about stupid things. Well, a lot of it probably will be. I try not to be self centered, but out of all the creature in the universe, humans are the best at understanding self obsession. However, I really like to know about other people; their lives, what music they like, what kind of clothes they wear... And I thought, well if I'm just going to read other people's blogs, why not just make my own? You never know how curious someone could be about you. 

And so onto my topic. I went to my first concert April 29, 2011. it was for a band called "Portugal. The Man" and I must say... IT ROCKED. Not gonna deny it. There's something about hearing a band live.. about being right up close and personal that's so... invigorating...

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